Olympic Park 5K

By Emma Brown

I'm supporting London's Air Ambulance Charity

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Thank you!!

Friday 7th May
Thank you to everyone who has donated! It really means the world. By donating you are helping me to say thank you to the amazing London’s Air Ambulance team, without their efforts my brother would have died at the scene, because of them I was able to say goodbye and for that I will forever be in their debt xxx 


Thursday 29th Apr
Hi everyone,

The time has come for me to raise money for the amazing London’s Air Ambulance in memory of my brother Russell ‘Barty’ Brown. Barty was stabbed on 10/09/2016, the Air Ambulance went to the scene and tried so hard to save him. They managed to stabilise him at the scene before taking  him to the Royal London Hospital where they worked on him for just over 11 hours. Tragically Barty had lost too much blood and his organs began to shut down. I sat with him as the doctors switched of his life support and his heart slowly beat to a stop. 
Watching my brother take his last breath is one of the hardest things I have ever done but I am so thankful I was there with him and i was able to say goodbye. 

I am running a 5k race on 17/07/2021 with a close family friend, Angie. We are raising money for the London’s Air Ambulance because they gave us something that even money can’t buy, they gave us time. 

Please donate and help me to say thank you. 

Love always Emma, Angie and Barty xx

Thank you to my Supporters


Sla Scents

Barty barty barty oi oi oi.


Lilly & George



Angela Martin

Good luck to my niece Angie and Emma great charity, love uncle Ray xx


Kate Rose

Good luck Angie and Emma on your 5k love mum and dad xx


Jeanette Rose

Good luck to you Both x


Tanya Ayliffe


Lel Worsell

From all my customers



God love you all, so sorry. Xx


Maria Smith

Good luck Emma x I know You family are so proud of you xxx


Zipoy Keller

Best of luck Emma. Your families story has inspired me so much! Please know that there are so many people supporting you and wishing you the best!


Clare Heatley

Good luck your doing Barty so proud keep going and doing what you’re doing so so proud of you ❤️


Donna Preston

Heard your story on Radio 4 and my heart breaks for you all. RIP Barty.


Donna Brown



Deeply moved after listening to your family on radio 4 this evening. I’m shocked that you didn’t get justice.


Sarah O'connell





Well done Emma ❤️❤️❤️ Go smash it girl love billie x



So so proud of u both emma and angie ❤❤ We know u will smash it for barty ❤❤ We love you Love mummy n daddy 😍 ❤ 💕 Big love n kisses from Barty 💋❤💋❤


Shanice Ayliffe

So proud of you x