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Christmas Wreath

Get crafty and join our London’s Air-Craft step by step guide to creating your own festive wreath. A perfect way to brighten up your day, your door and your neighbourhood. Wreaths are simple to do, inexpensive to make, and can help raise much needed funds for our life-saving charity.

As the nights draw in and Covid19 restrictions continue, many of us are feeling the need to get into the festive spirit earlier this year.


We have created a downloadable step-by-step guide to make your own unique festive wreath and help support London’s Christmas Mission, to raise money to fill the gap in our income caused by Covid-19.

In 2021, lives will depend on our ability to respond. It is essential that when London calls, we’re able to get there fast with life-saving emergency care

We hope you have fun making your very own festive wreaths and please remember to share pictures of your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #LondonsChristmasMission and tagging @LDNairamb in your posts.

Download your instruction guide below

Wreath Making Guide

Wreath Making Guide


Fundraising through wreath making

In 2019 one of our talented supporters, Quanita, made a number of beautiful wreaths, which she sold throughout her local community in order to raise vital funds for London’s Air Ambulance Charity. Maybe you could do the same this year, and set up your own virtual bucket to collect donations for your Christmas creations?

Four facts about Christmas wreaths

  • The idea of a welcome wreath of evergreens dates back to Roman times, when a garland of leaves was thought to bring good luck.
  • Wreaths of evergreen leaves such as yew, holly and ivy are symbols of life, seeing people through the cold winter to the renewal of the Spring.
  • German Lutheran pastor named Johann Hinrich Wichern is often given credit for turning the wreath into a symbol of the Advent, and lighting candles of various sizes and colours in a circle as Christmas approached
  • The world's largest Christmas wreath, in Maryland USA, weighed 4 tons, had a 116-foot diameter and was made with 8-foot evergreen trees 


If you need some help in setting up your ideas or if you just want to tell us what you are up to, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our friendly Community team on or call 0203 023 3300.

A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal


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