Mark's 2021 Event Page

By Mark Bonello-Day

I'm supporting London's Air Ambulance Charity

I have signed up for 4 events this year:

The London 10K

The London Triathlon

The London Duathlon

The Hackney Half Marathon.

Its been about 5 years since I last entered an endurance event. SInce then I have been privileged to see the work of the London Air Ambulance and their team of Doctors and Paramedics. To make this return to fitness and racing worthwhile I have decided to fundraise for them.

Thank you for reading.

My Updates

Training update and a 5th race added

Sunday 16th May
Training has been going well. I've been working with a coach and am now in the 3rd week of a dedicated training plan. Its been tough to fit the training in but I have managed so far. I cant wait to get to the first race in July.

The good news is that I feel confident enough (or daft, not sure which!) to add another race. Thats going to be the Banana Triathlon Supersprint on 3rd July.

Thank you to my Supporters


Mark Bonello-day