Jeremy Allen

London's Air Ambulance Helipad Abseil 2020 (corp)

I'm fundraising for...London Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance is the charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to London’s most seriously injured patients. Your donation will help save more lives by keeping the helicopter in the air and the rapid response cars on the road, ready for when they are needed most. By providing intervention as quickly as possible after injury, London’s Air Ambulance Charity aims to give patients the best chance of survival, and best quality of life, after trauma.

Thank you to my sponsors


Brett Skipper

Go for it Jeremy! You have my support, Best Regards Brett


Stewart Thompson

Good Luck Jezza - hold on tightly !!!! :-)


Andy Papadopoulos

God for it Jeremy !



Good luck & enjoy


Paul Herbert

Good luck Jezza


Andie Lawson

Fabulous charity Jez...enjoy!


Sue Warren

Enjoy the experience. Sue


Gio Sartori


Jodi Allen

Another important goal and I grabbed the winner!!


Simeon Layzell



Go Tom Cruise!


Keith Woodford

Great Work Jezza 👍


Jacki Allen

Hope you're not adverse to heights Jel!!


Barbara Allen


Stuart Allen



Going to need a thicker rope!


Lyndsay Mccullough


Jane Tubridy


Jeremy Allen