Colin Briant

London's Air Ambulance Helipad Abseil 2020 (corp)

I'm fundraising for...

London’s Air Ambulance is the charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to London’s most seriously injured patients. Your donation will help save more lives by keeping the helicopter in the air and the rapid response cars on the road, ready for when they are needed most. By providing intervention as quickly as possible after injury, London’s Air Ambulance Charity aims to give patients the best chance of survival, and best quality of life, after trauma.

Thank you to my sponsors


Martin Ryan

Go for it Colin, top man!!!


Tej Chadeesingh

Rather you than me!


Ken Scott

All the best Colin, don't look down!



Hi Colin, people are so selfish these days only caring about themselves. Anyway 777 is the perfect number. There is lots of reading on this... anyway like I normally say All the best!


Pradeep Sood

Very worthwhile cause, enjoy the experience. Good luck


Kenneth Wong

Best of luck Colin!


Simon Josse

Good luck Sir


Erico Santos Correia

Good luck mate


Gary Dunn

Make sure you pack a clean pair of skiddies.



Great cause Collin, you are braver than me. Don’t look down.


Mark Newman

Hope you have an amazing time!


Debbie Leaf

Good luck Colin


Gary Godden

My advice, measure twice cut once ! Check harness twice, leap once !!


Tina Watson

Good Luck Colin x


Jay Montague

Good luck Colin!


Chris Pye


Shaun Baxter

Top man!


Alan Makby

Col, When you get to the bottom of the rope and you are on the roof of an Embassy with a load of other fellas dressed in black, do not mess about, grab the nearest gun, go straight in and dominate the room. Make sure you take Joe with you.


Robin Mackie

Colin, You are a brave man and you are doing it for a great cause. A good friend of mine was involved in a bad RTA and had not been for London's Air Ambulance Service the outcome could have been very different - Good Luck Robin


Keith Jones

You're a braver man than me!!!





Great cause - good luck


David Thackray

I hope you're not as terrified of heights as I am... Good luck!



The film crew will be there on the day .....Nice 1 Colin 😊


Ray Gross

Well done mate. Hope it goes well for you. A very worthwhile cause. Best wishes Ray and Barb


Ruth Luker

Good Luck Colin, can’t wait to see the pictures


Paul Kempton

Good luck cuz, rather you than me 😜


Mark Fletcher

Good luck Fella !!!


Steve Giles

Well done Colin. A very worthwhile cause. Try not to do a Boris and get stuck.


Christine Everett

Good luck Colin- the only way is down!


Nicola Raven

Good luck!


Jens Haakon Brandal

No guts, no glory...


Colin Briant