Miles for Missions

Step up this summer to show your support for London's Air Ambulance Charity!

Can you go the distance for London's Air Ambulance Charity? We’re calling on our supporters to walk or run 116 miles (the length of London’s border) over this summer, to help raise vital funds for our charity and lifesaving service.

Sign up today - your steps can save lives!

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What is Miles for Missions? 

  • A 116-mile distance challenge that runs from 21st June until 20th September 
  • Walk or run alone or as part of a team
  • Walk at any speed, anywhere and covering any distance with each walk. 

You might choose to walk just over a mile (around 20 minutes) a day for the whole summer or push yourself to take on longer journeys at weekends.

However you want to take part, it's a distance that you can feel proud of completing, and we'll support you every step of the way.

How will Miles for Missions help London’s Air Ambulance?

By asking your friends and family to sponsor you to complete the distance, you will help us to raise funds for our charity. We’d love to raise £30,000 – that could be enough to fund 15 lifesaving missions. 

Whatever you fundraise is totally up to you – absolutely every penny makes a difference to us. A suggested target could be to raise £1 per mile, £116, which would be incredible!

Journey back in time with our exclusive content for walkers 

We are theming the event to be a ‘walk back in time’ - lift off in 1989, the year of our very first mission, and as you count down your distance you will travel through time, celebrating the milestones of our life-saving service over its 32-year history. Sing-along with playlists from our crew including music from the last 30 years, unlocking rewards and exclusive content as you walk. 

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Why is the distance 116 miles?

116 miles is the same distance as the length of the M25 – the border of our ‘patch’.

I walk quite a lot anyway – will my daily steps count?

Yes, absolutely! This challenge is all about covering the distance of London’s border, and every single step counts.

How do I start my mission?

Simply click on the Start your Mission button on this page

How much in total are you looking to raise through this initiative?

We’d love to raise enough to fund 15 missions which equates to £30,000.

Whatever you fundraise is totally up to you – absolutely every penny makes a difference to us. A suggested target could be to raise £1 per mile, £116, which would be incredible!

How do I fundraise?

Once signed up, we will automatically set you up with your own fundraising page where your supporters can donate safely and securely, watch your progress, and where you will be able to display the awards you receive throughout the challenge.

Whatever you fundraise is totally up to you – absolutely every penny makes a difference to us. A suggested target could be to raise £1 per mile, £116, which would be incredible!

Can I sign up for free?

Yes - you have the option to register for free or if you prefer you can pay £10 registration and receive a T-shirt to wear on your challenge.

Can I register a team?

Yes, we would love for you to create a team with your friends, family or colleagues. You will be able to set up a team when you register, you can then invite your team mates to register.

If you have been invited to join an existing team simply search for the team name when you register and you will linked to the team.

Event Information

Date 21st June 2021
Location London
Registration fee Free or £10 with a T-shirt
Suggested Fundraising target £116

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What is the minimum sponsorship?

There is no minimum sponsorship, our suggested sponsorship target is £116, £1 per mile of the challenge.

Who can take part?

Anyone, of any age is welcome to join Miles for Missions. Team up with your friends, family or colleagues or take on the challenge on your own. You will need to be over 18 to set up a fundraising page.

How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the  Start your mission button on this page.

What website should I use to set up my online giving page?

We have our own fundraising pages, you will be able to set up your page when you register or you can create an account to set your page up after you have registered.

How can I get my workplace to support me?

There are loads of ways your work can support your fundraising, here are a few ideas:

  1. Match funding- some workplaces offer match funding, the organisation will offer to match up to a certain amount of what you raise. For example if you raise £500 they will match it by donating £500 making your fundraising total £1,000
  2. Add a link to your online giving page in your work email signature
  3. Hold a bake sale, lunchtime activity or after work quiz
  4. Guess your finish time- £2 to guess a time, winner wins a prize or a % of the money from the game or a prize that has been donated to you.

If I have a question, what are the best contact details for the Events Team?

We know how much personal effort goes into arranging or taking part in a fundraising event, so we want to help you ensure the maximum return for your hard work. Our team is on hand to offer advice and support. Contact our Events team by emailing